Thursday, August 28, 2008


15 sec trailer made to promote my friend's Ray Bartkus art show "Forgeries" in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

A New David Byrne and Brian Eno Album

One of my favorite records of a all times is My Life in the Bush of Ghostsby David Byrne and Brian Eno released in 1981. Bush of Ghosts was very unique and revolutionary album for this time. Filled with various percussive and voice samples, wild tribal drumming and innovative use of electronic recording techniques set benchmark for a new kind of sound as much as Blade Runner set for film making.
Almost 30 years late Brian and David produced new set of 11 songs called Everything That Happens Will Happen Today. "The foundations of some of the tracks are much like those of traditional folk, country, or gospel songs before these styles became harmonically sophisticated. Brian's chord structures were unlike anything I would have chosen myself, so I was pushed in a new direction, asked to face the unfamiliar, and this, of course, was a good thing. The challenge was more emotional than technical: to write simple, heartfelt tunes without drawing on cliché. The results, in many cases, are uplifting, hopeful, and positive, even though some lyrics describe cars exploding, war, and similarly dark scenarios." - writes David Byrne.
The album is available exclusively from Web site. You can stream all of the songs for free and purchase it in a variety of digital and physical formats, including a limited edition Deluxe Package designed by Sagmeister Inc. One of the songs, “Strange Overtones”, is available for free download via