Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Analog Cool

With advance of digital technology supply of cool gear gets depleted. Ipod, cell phones or new digital cameras are as cool as bar of soap. Most of them are ugly disposable items manufactured to be sold and junked as quick as possible.
Same with everything what dumped into the consumer market, be it cars, fashion or so called luxury items. It's more marketing tricks and catchy word game.
It was trend in advertising for while, to warm up and spice junk with old, almost century old but timeless engineering and cool design objects. Obviously, air brushed model with vacant stare is not enough anymore. Obscure, pre II WW or Leica cameras, reel to reel tape recorders, vinyl and even cassette players dominate those adds just because they are single product what worth to pay attention and lust for. In the end these adds is reminder for times when people took pride in producing something what has lasting life.

And totally, trend pushed to extreme, Bruce Weber with his cameras...