Friday, May 29, 2009

Camera Style

As majority pictures around the world taken with digital cameras of different incarnations, old school analog film cameras becoming fashion accessory and personal creativity statement. In the streets of big cities hip characters sporting old Leicas, Nikons, Canonets, Pentaxes and other obscure cool looking image taking machines. Most digital cameras produced today are ugly and lack of tactile appeal. Like cars on the street, all brands look like they came from the same assembly line. Film cameras is total opposite: they are heavy and solid tools, fruits of passionate engineering. Produced in Japan, Germany or Sweden, countries with reputation for attention for details and craftsmanship, they easy outlast any today's soap dish shaped gizmo.
Most film Leicas are sold in Japan. Most film camera cultists roam streets here.
Take a look to Tokyo Camera Style, site devoted to analog cameras in use.