Sunday, December 12, 2010

Short Colombian trip

Tunja bus terminal 
Bus ride in Colombia is a pleasant experience. Mountain scenery is very beautiful, full of flowers and lush greenery. Private land very well kept and tended, bordered with neat fences. Nothing that resembles to the country locked into permanent internal social conflict. Colombia probably more safe than many Latin American countries. Fighting still going on, but pushed down to remote areas. I took night buses, no problem.
People relaxed, friendly and ready to help. They very happy to see foreigner coming to see their country.
Small towns compete for the name of Most Beautiful Place in Colombia  Old colonial buildings lovingly restored, streets are clean full of colors and flowers. Very few tourists - a big plus.

Mongui - town of football ball makers.

Food is simple, but good quality and filling. I was always was able get fish. Prices at Supermarkets like in US, I think too expensive. In eight days I  was not be able to try all exotic tropical fruit varieties growing in different areas and altitudes.
It was short pleasant trip, I need to come back for more.

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